Applique da Parete

535 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, USA | Corten Steel | 355 Glass Fin Panels, each one made of either material: Dichroic Glass, Mirrored Glass On Edge, Etched Dichroic Glass, Etched Glass | 140'L x 18' H x 15"D | 2014


Commissioned by Boston Properties for a new development in downtown San Francisco’s booming Mission District, Applique da Parete is an integrated wall installation that wraps around the exterior and interior walls of the building located at 535 Mission Street. Conceived as a “light wall,” the artwork is composed from 355 individual glass panels, fabricated from a variety of glass applications. Each panel responds to artificial and natural light, creating an installation that exudes vibrant color and refracted and reflected color patterns. The shimmering glass, in contrast to the building’s stone materials, creates a complex and multi-textured installation.