Altered Perceptions

Photographs | 19"W x 29"H


Huether’s Altered Perceptions Series continues to develop the idea of engaging in a dialogue with the painterly events, which occur as the result of natural processes. This was the foundation of the artist’s Sheet Metal Series. Taking the idea of manipulating a found object, of subtly altering the already striking images one might find in discarded industrial materials, the artist applied it to a broader range of subjects: rather than waiting, as he did with the metal rusting on the roof, for material or images to come to him, in this case Huether took a more active approach by taking his camera and seeking out compositions which would suit his intentions.

His photographic images captured ordinary, everyday subjects – windows and sidewalks, water and trees, yet his treatment of them transcends their common roots. The images are both familiar and alien, hauntingly beautiful and, often, a bit unsettling. Acid greens and electric blues, punctuated by hot, neon reds, oranges, and violets sizzle and smolder. Yet the restricted color scheme of each piece tempers the aggressive color choice, and the overall effect remains refined, yet exciting. Manipulating the images, “painting” them, this time, on the computer, Huether employs a spontaneous, playful approach to working with digitized photographs.

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