25|50 II Series

Glass, Paint, Recycled Materials, Wood | 7.5"W x 12"H x 1"D


Salvaged wood from a relinquished building, the former Modern Eve dress shop at 1222 First Street in downtown Napa, constitutes the foundation of Huether’s most recent work. The origin of this repurposed wood is unique, as Huether’s father, Hubert Huether, once composed the window designs for the very building it was removed from, adding a very personal facet to all work created from it. Gordon Huether used this repurposed wood to create ‘Wood Window’, ‘Wood Lens’, ‘With Two Bears’, the ‘Nature’s Point Series’ and the ‘25|50 II Series’.

Huether is creating a direct connection to a series he had created in 2009 – the 25|50 Series. Then Huether made a series of 25 metal-based art pieces in observation of his 50th birthday and celebrating his 25-year career . Four years later, Huether mirrored this style and produced 25 pieces from the salvaged wood, described above – compositions of bright color, dichroic glass and glass lenses resulting in works of moody, atmospheric beauty.

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