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Gateway Sculpture – Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport | Salt Lake City, UT | Weathering Steel | Five peaks, Tallest peak 90', Shortest peak 40', approximately 75 tons | Install 2023


The Gateway Sculpture is a momentous, monumental gateway for Salt Lake City International Airport that celebrates the natural beauty of Utah. It was created with specific reference to the adjacent Wasatch Mountain Range. The skin of each of the five sculptures has an abstracted graphic of the world map: the solid area representing the landmass and the expanded metal referencing the water of our oceans. A cast glass orb near the top of the tallest peak represents the geographical location of Utah and is our “You Are Here” moment. The tallest structure is 90 feet tall, or a 12-story building, and the smallest 40 feet tall. Predominately made of Weathering steel, the combined weight of the sculptures is approximately 75 tons.